Life Coaching

Patty Jackson

You have dreams and have tried to make them happen. You know there is a better way and are ready to understand how to consistently move things forward. I will help you gain the peace of mind and clarity you need to find your answers to “How can I confidently move this good thing forward?”
In three months of telephone or in person coaching, you will learn The Four Things You Can Control™ and how to powerfully navigate them to live the changes you envision.
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Life Coaching Components

While each and every coaching experience is as unique as the individual and coach participating in it common components of the Life Coaching process often include:

  • Listening carefully to fully understand what the individual is expressing
  • Assisting in defining whatever it is the individual chooses to experience differently
  • Identifying tethers from the past that may keep them from experiencing what they desire
  • Sharing perspectives that facilitate healing from and/or the releasing of such tethers
  • Identifying action steps that assist the individual in manifesting the changes they desire
  • Walking with the individual until they achieve the outcome they desire

Life Coaching

Erik Swenson


There is nothing we cannot be, do, have or experience in life and Erik’s passion for sharing Life Coaching experiences is to assist individuals in moving from where they are to wherever they would like to be in whatever aspect of their life they desire – without limits.

Exchange: $140 per hour, and clients are often able to experience whatever it is they choose to experience in 1 – 2 individual sessions.

To schedule: Click here to schedule a One on One Coaching session with Erik

“If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb

Dreams are meant to be lived.