Dreams Events

The core essence of all Dreams Events is to bring greater joy, happiness, balance and at times tools to attendees to assist them in ever more successfully navigating the waters of their life and creating the dreams they desire.

Need a boost, a nudge, a bit more clarity or some assistance in moving through something REALLY big in your life? From musical guests to interactive workshops to author, channeling, healing, speaking events and more each of these one-time opportunities contains gifts within them that are capable of uniquely supporting and influencing our respective journeys, often in amazing synchronicity with what’s going on in our respective individual lives.

Upcoming events and the individuals who will be leading them:

Jul 2019

13 Feathers ~ A Participatory Performance Art Experience – 07/25/2019

13 Feathers

A Participatory Performance Art Experience
In this therapeutic, reflective, and creative experience,
We begin with a story of survival against all odds,
                with hope, perseverance, and courage.
                        A story of a fall and a rise.
                        A story of brokenness and wholeness.
                        My story.
                        Your story.
We continue with artistic expression, music, and movement
We finish with Self-expression
Mira Alexandrea Newell is an Experiential Psychotherapist with a background in clinical and community work in the U.S. , Nicaragua, and Croatia. She specializes in Eco-Art Therapy: utilizing creativity in connection with nature to foster healing and growth.
Broken Mirror Healing
A Broken Heart Loves
A Broken Mirror Reflects
Only Now, Stronger
Investment: $33
Energy Share w/ Vibrational Medicine – 07/31/2019

Let’s come together as a community of practitioners to share our gifts and loving intentions. We each have something beautiful and unique to offer. As healers, we can allow ourselves to relax and receive healing and Love regularly too.
Give and receive energy healing with Master Teacher, Andrea Stong, while John Stuart weaves different vibrational frequencies and aspects of sound penetrate on a molecular/cellular level and amplify our experience.
7:30-9:30 pm.
Investment of $20.

Dreams Life & Wellness Center
732 Clinton Street
Waukesha, WI 53186

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Aug 2019

Friday Evening LIVE with The Marys! – 08/02/2019
FRIDAY, August 2nd
The Marys LIVE in Waukesha, WI!
Mary Orbs 2

*Photo taken of Mary while speaking about connecting and moving with spirit and energies

Friday Evening LIVE with The Marys!
Dreams, Life and Wellness Center

 Waukesha, WI

Friday, August 2nd 
 7:00 – 9:00
(Doors open at 6:30 for registration) 
Leave extra time for parking as it is Friday Night Live in Waukesha
This is an open question and answer evening. There is no limit to what you can explore directly with these profoundly loving, deeply compassionate, and edgelessly wise Nonphysical Guides/Teachers, “The Marys”, who express themselves through Jacque Nelson and partner with you to open the great clarity and profound abilities as creator that already exist within you to cause the life you came to live into full expression.
Please join us! Bring your questions!
About your life
About life in general
About our current and future existence as a whole…
All avenues of curiosity and interests are welcome!   
Be amazed at how the inquires of others in the gathering and the ensuing conversation that follows become wonderfully enriching and catalyzing for you also. 
An enchanting evening of love, light and insights awaits you as Jacque Nelson continues her 19 years of sharing the gift of interactive communications offered by this group of blessed beings in nonphysical form which we refer to as The Mary Group. The perspectives they share can be as warm and inspiring as they are enlightening and empowering and they are always shared to assist us in our journeys. 
To experience The Mary Group is to experience what it is to be truly connected, encouraged with love to live an edgeless existence free of fear, cleared of confusions and tangles as they help us welcome our first breath back from separation into union. The Mary’s loving engagement with every layer of who we are and the teachings, insights and personal guidance they share from universal source energy create interactions that are exhilarating voyages into the heart, mind and soul and perpetual catalysts for attendees to fulfill their endless possibilities.
Whether coming to witness the beauty and ease of talking with such beings like your closest friends or to ask a question that has forever eluded you, this experience holds gifts for all who choose to share this gift with themselves and all others who attend.
$32 – Registration
Chakra Workshop with Jill Militzer – 08/03/2019 - 09/14/2019


Dreams and Life Wellness Center Welcomes
Jill Militzer ~ Holistic Energy Practitioner
Balance your Energy, Balance your Life
Spirit Chi

Weekly classes begin Saturday 8/3/19 10-11 am, continuing every Saturday until 9/14//19
$15/week (pay at the door) or all 7 classes for $75 (pre-pay/register on Eventbrite)

○ Learn how balancing the Chakra System, one Chakra at a time can help
with stress, achieving goals, and creating more abundance in your life.
This is a wonderful way to better understand how we relate to Spirit,
ourselves, and the world around us.

○ This is a 7 week workshop focusing on one Chakra per week. Week 1:
Root, Week 2: Sacral, Week : Solar Plexus, Week 4: Heart, Week 5:
Throat, Week 6: Third Eye, Week 7: Crown

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Monday Meditation – 08/05/2019

Tune into your inner wisdom, open to the infinite possibilities, reveal the key to your truth, expand your awareness and feel the proven benefits that meditation has to offer.

Join us to set and anchor your intention.

$10 investment

Facilitated by: John Stuart and/or Andrea Stong

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Private Sessions w/ Steve Polifka – 08/10/2019 - 08/18/2019

Salem Psychic and tans-medium Steve Polifka is offering and afternoon of 30 minute psychic readings,
or introducing you to your angels.

Chakra readings explore where you are at, looking at the past, present and future, uncovering blocks
and issues, if any, to set you moving on your path and help with manifestation.
Meeting your angels is a mini-version of the group class, designed for the individual. Here you may
meet, see, or feel your angels and/or ancestors, and learn to trust those intuitions and feelings around
communication to spirit. This is not a mediumship session, but sometimes the dearly departed come

You may also choose to do both within the 30 minute session, however spirit will focus on that which
you need more!

As Steve is known for channeling Gladimir and Zephram, known as the Angelboys, you can be sure that
they will be present in your private reading, While this is not a channeled session, they are not short of
comments or advice!

Investment Options:  $40

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Angelboyz - Meeting Your Angels Class – 08/18/2019

Meeting Your Angels and Guides


Have you ever felt as if you were not alone, but did not know who or what was with you? Do you feel as if beings or people visit you on a regular basis, yet you don’t know who it is? And if you do know who it is, do you feel like you can’t communicate with them the way you wish?


Salem psychic, medium, and channel Steve Polifka, with the help of Gladimir and Zephram, his Guardian Angels, will look at what abilities you may have by viewing your third eye, uncover any blocks,  and introduce you to your angels or guides. They will also explore how you can improve your receptiveness and communication with your angels and guides.


This is a three-hour class and workshop. Please bring pen and paper comes that you can write down your insights. This will be a fun, interactive, and insightful experience, so bring your sense of humor and be ready to stretch your beliefs and abilities!


Space is limited to 13 participants. Sign Up early to insure your slot. Cost is $40.00, cash, check, Eventbrite or Paypal ( )

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Spiritual Toolbox – 08/24/2019

Dreams and Life Wellness Center Welcomes
Jill Militzer ~ Holistic Energy PractitionerBalance your Energy, Balance your Life
Spirit Chi


○ Saturday August 24, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, $45 per person

○ In this fun and informational class we’ll learn the basics of how to
smudge, open & close Sacred Space, use Feng Shui techniques within
your home, meditate, connect with your Spirit Guide, understand Earth
Wisdom, and more! Understanding our connection to Spirit, can lend
insight and offer tools helpful for everyday life.

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Dreams and Life Wellness Center
Extends a Warm Welcome to Jill Militzer

Being a writer while also having certifications in Reiki, Animal Reiki,
and Shamanism, Jill offers a variety of classes, workshops, and
sessions regarding spiritual energy, or Spirit Chi.
Feeling good is all about balance, balance between our spiritual self
and physical body. Like a protective egg, the Aura includes the Chakra
system which encapsulates our mental, emotional, and physical
energies to create our personal support system. Holistic modalities
such as Reiki, Shamanism, and Meditation directly correlates with our
Chakras, and can help us to identify current roadblocks in our life, clear
stagnant energy, and pave the way for future goals to manifest. With
the assistance of Spirit Guides, Ancestral Helpers, Archangels, and
Animal Totems, Spirit Chi also helps us to listen more with our heart,
aligns us with our spiritual self, and creates room for enlightenment to
occur. If this information resonates with you, contact Jill today for
further information about how you can sign up for a class, workshop, or
schedule a session because… It’s all about Spirit Chi!

Learn More about Jill at
Balance your Energy, Balance your Life

Sep 2019

Monday Meditation – 09/09/2019

Tune into your inner wisdom, open to the infinite possibilities, reveal the key to your truth, expand your awareness and feel the proven benefits that meditation has to offer.

Join us to set and anchor your intention.

$10 investment

Facilitated by: John Stuart and/or Andrea Stong

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the 360five experience - Energy Circle & Sound Journey – 09/14/2019
Enjoy an interactive discussion and guided meditation as we open a pathway for our thoughts to align with our body’s natural vibrancy – allowing us to shift beyond limitation, constricted thought and traditional symptomatic relief.
The Sound Experience is a 60 minute immersive sound journey utilizing solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones and other sound healing techniques guided through breathwork that anchors and amplifies the you know that you to be true.
Light beverages and snacks will be offered.
What you will need: YOU!
Optional: yoga mat, a pillow for head and knees, a blanket, something to cover your eyes and any other items for your comfort in laying on the floor. We do have these on hand should you leave them at home.
Let it experience you. (( ♥ ))
$30 pre-sale/$35 at door

Dreams are meant to be lived.