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John Stuart



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John Stuart graces the collective with a spirited devotion to his practice.  He is a published author, speaker, facilitator of self growth and expert in the field of Vibrational Therapy.  In addition, John is an accomplished DJ and electronic sound alchemist with over a dozen releases, as well as managing partner for internationally-reknowned record label, Chillin Music.

As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner specializing in Vibrational Medicine, Stuart has guided and facilitated thousands of meaningful life transformations by leading clients to a clear and gentle understanding of their inner-truth; untangling the energetic and subconscious constriction within our mind and body at a core level, loosening the intensity of belief patterns that no longer serve us and providing an opening for us to remember and return to a state of harmony, natural vibrancy and complete state of well-being.

Musically, his dynamic style appeals to globally diverse audiences at a core level & beckons the masses to partake with him on an intimate, alchemical journey through sound.  To be in John’s presence is to experience his very special brand of mind-expanding, body-grooving & soul-soothing soundscapes, which he uses as a medium to amplify the spirit of personal expression, oneness, freedom & love.  Beautifully spontaneous, he connects with the collective energy to create a ritual of spiritual communion & ecstatic celebration tuned to the frequency of love.

John’s DJ sets, writings, workshops, vibrational therapy sessions & talks have been featured throughout the US & abroad.

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Sound Healing

Laura Haberstroh

Experience transformation with a customized sound experience. Laura will work with your energy to create an energy “cleanse” and allow for your whole being (mind, body and spirit) to relax in a sacred space. Using the ancient technique of singing bowl vibrations for healing, she couples it with meditation and guidance on breath work. Her mastery of sound using her Tibetan singing bowls connects with you on a whole new level that has to be experienced to fully understand.
Sound clears physical, emotional and spiritual blockages.

Treatment sessions are $80 for 75 minutes

Laura is available at Dreams on Wednesdays by appointment only.

Laura also offers Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Energy Healing

Touch of Light Healing, LLC
State License #4265-146

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