Class Descriptions

Ecstatic Dance


Phones, shoes and egos are checked at the door and our spirit is set free on the dance floor!  Many people don’t dance outside of a nightclub or without being under the influence – this is where eMotion shakes things up a bit.  eMotion Hosts hold a safe and sacred space to loosen, release control and let the music move you in a freeform expression of ecstatic bliss.

And… the music begins! Evolving from ambient soundscapes into high energy dance rhythms – clapping, stomping, primal movements, flowing, whistling, smiling, energy rising – the music takes over and the endorphins rush, sweat beads and we disengage from our mind and move through our heart! Ahhh yes!

After the peak, we begin to descend into a restorative meditation integrating the joy, celebration and ecstasy of the experience.  Renewed and revitalized.

Vibe Provided by: John Stuart


Gentle Yoga 


Gentle Yoga: In this class we will take time with transitions holding most
asanas (postures) for a few or more breaths. We will also be
incorporating various props such as blankets, bolsters, blocks and straps
to deepen, and feel differently into the poses. Feel free to bring your
own props, or we also have ample at the studio. This gentle moving
meditation is suitable for all, especially those that want a slower pace or
ones that would like to dive deep into flexibility, calm and recovery.

Instructor:Linda Kiriakopoulos Frank


Latin Fitness Class 


An amazing combination between strength training and dance.  Get ready to sweat!

Instructor: Ellie Tesch



Men’s Group


Men’s Group: Join Men’s Coach/Mentor, Nicholas Frank, for this bi-weekly men’s group where we get together to discuss core principles of understanding ourselves and apply practical tools for reaching our goals. We will tap into various aspects of body, mind and spirit as we seek to deepen our connection to ourselves and our fellow man.

Instructor: Nicholas Frank


Men’s Movement

Men’s Movement: Join Men’s Coach/Mentor, Nicholas Frank, as he leads you through a mixture of movements to enliven and heal your body, mind and spirit. This is a slow movement class and is low intensity for the purpose of healing and moving energy throughout your entire body in a conscious manner.

Instructor: Nicholas Frank


Tai Chi


Tai Chi is a Chinese ‘QiGong’ exercise as well as a self-defense. It can help people center the mind, calm the body and energize the spirit. Tai Chi is a gentle exercise suitable for people of all ages and abilities. It can improve balance and reduce falls, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and enhance immune function.

Benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong Practices
  • inner stillness
  • stress reduction
  • enhance the immune system
  • balance, stability
  • flexibility, strength
  • and most importantly, optimal health

Instructor: Pat Corrigan Culotti




Vinyasa Flow Yoga 


Vinyasa Flow: Come and join us in a flow, as we link asanas
(postures) and pranayama (breath work). In this class we fluidly
coordinate the breath and body in a vigorous moving meditation. This
class is suitable for all, as modifications will be provided as well as
advancements. We will incorporate focus, strength, cardio, flexibly,
balance, physical and mental stamina in this beautifully synchronized

Instructors: Linda Kiriakopoulos Frank and Kaila Shore