Dreams Team Members


Erik Swenson

Dreams Founder and Director, Event and Program Leader and Practitioner

Passionate… inspiring… deeply caring of all… intriguingly insightful…playful… exceptionally adept at identifying perspectives capable of unlocking the limitless abilities within them and articulating them in clear, positive and supportive language that empowers all who choose to experience the aspects of their life they desire differently…

Each of us is as unique as we are gifted and the blend of each of the above, the expansive life experiences and world travels Erik has experienced, his pursuit and exploration of the essence of humanity, life and paradigms of the past and today, his profound inner-connectedness, peace, awareness and his soulful desire to assist others in creating and living the life of their dreams together uniquely position Erik to be the Founder and Director of Dreams Life & Wellness Center, as well as a presenter and practitioner of the ever expanding events, programs and services Dreams offers.

Erik has maintained an intentful balance since long before the words of how to do so existed within him, he was raised in Western perspectives, he spent decades of his life deeply immersed in the Christian faith and he has achieved an ever expanded richness in his life by recognizing the alignment of Eastern spiritual perspectives of love, gratitude, peace, the Oneness in which all exist and the ability each of us has to create the lives we desire with the life and teachings of Jesus and Buddha and so many others and choosing to live his life in harmony with these perspectives.

Add to this Erik’s 30+ year career as a business person and entrepreneur, 20+ years of leadership of church youth programs, 20 more as the coach of his sons and more recently his granddaughter’s soccer teams, 25+ years as a Reiki healing practitioner, 10 years as a Certified Life Coach, a multi-decade background of speaking, leading and/or presenting at literally hundreds of programs, events and workshops focused on improving the lives of those in attendance and it becomes clear Erik’s background, life experiences and inner alignment uniquely position him to be of potential benefit to others.

Erik truly believes that “We are never any further than a single perspective away from experiencing whatever aspect of our life we desire differently”; the sharing of such perspectives and walking with people through their life journeys are two of the key elements of all of the events, programs and services provided by Erik and others at Dreams Life & Wellness Center toward the goal of assisting participants in truly living the life of their dreams.

As there’s no such thing as an accident, as you have found your way to this website perhaps one or more Dreams experiences with Erik or others could be the catalyst to achieving whatever it is you desire in your life.

Linda Guerrero 

Dreams Co-Director, Event and Program Leader & Practitioner

Linda Kiriakopoulos Guerrero, E-CYT300, BA Psychology, Child Psychology
Linda is a Certified Yoga Instructor, who graduated and holds her 200 hour though FYB Yoga (Feel Your Best) Yoga, which is recognized through Yoga Alliance. She also has hundreds of continuous hours of teaching, training and education, and has been teaching for over 10 years which makes her an Experienced Yoga Teacher, (E-CYT). FYB Yoga is an eclectic mix of 3 disciplines of the Krishnamacharya lineage; Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Viniyoga. FYB also focus on pain management and Yoga Therapy.
Linda also has her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a children’s emphasis, which is tied into her own business, OSY (Ocean Shore Yoga). OSY teaches private and group yoga to many demographics including adults, children and even Dog Yoga! She also teaches a variety of different types of Yoga, such as Aerial, pre-natal, partner, hot Yoga and Paddle Board Yoga.
Linda has been studying the physical practice of yoga since 1997, but has been involved with the overall practice long before that.
The idea of her yoga teaching is that it is accessible to all. It is very non-intimidating and individualized. So regardless of where you at in your practice; beginner, intermediate, advanced, old or young, medical conditions or pregnancy; there are modifications or advancements that can be done to suit any person as an individual.
Linda is also an avid professional photographer, who photographs all occasions including the beautiful art of yoga.

John Stuart

Event and Program Leader & Practitioner

John Stuart is a published author, speaker, facilitator of self discovery, sound alchemist and expert in the field of Vibrational Therapy.


Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Wellness, Self-Discovery, Emotional Trauma, Sacred Partnership/ Spiritual Intimacy

 This path has ultimately led to inspiring and effective work with my clients, creating personal connections allowing clients to remember the fullness of their truth, and to recognize the healing YES that is revealed.  The core healing modality I implement is the eMotion technique, and it is the guiding force that leads clients to a clear and gentle understanding of their inner-truth; untangling the energetic and subconscious constriction within our mind and body at a core level, loosening the intensity of belief patterns that no longer serve us and provide an opening for us to remember and return to a state of harmony, natural vibrancy and complete state of well-being.

I have guided and facilitated thousands of meaningful life transformations, providing portals to growth in the physical, spiritual and emotional realms.  I have found that eliminating the constrictions of the past is the most direct route to experiencing the kind of life that we all desire, even though we may not believe it to be possible.  My life’s work is truly my greatest passion.  While I hold the professional credentials of a degree in Holistic Health and Spiritual Care, advanced studies in Sound Healing and Vibrational Medicine, Shamanic Practice as well as being a Certified Life Coach; it is my LIFE and its many lessons that have provided me with the greatest education.

These life experiences gave birth to my first book, It All Begins With You, which propelled me into radio appearances, guest blogs, seminars, webinars and sharing the stage with fellow speakers, activists and musicians around the globe to share the message of “Love Amplified”.  This love is there for me and it is there for you – always present and fully abundant.  All we have to do is remember that we are the gift.  No matter the situation or circumstance, we possess within us all of the tools and resources we need to overcome and align with all that we are meant to be.

I look forward to being of service!

Dr. Drew McMillen

For the last thirty years Dr Drew has been practicing alternative health care based soundly on the kinesiology model and other holistic tenets. He was fortunate to have studied under the main founders of this work, George Goodheart and Alan Beardall.

Dr. McMillen has studied many disciplines that are all part of the kinesiological dialog, holding degrees in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Homeopathy. He has traveled to Germany to learn the science of Biological Medicine and Functional Medicine. His practice has always adhered to the notion of Wholistic Health Care, incorporating a mosaic of various modalities from the realm of Structural, Biochemical, Psycho-emotional, Allopathic, Energetic / Informational, disciplines. Most recently, he has included what he feels are two equally important systems, the utilization of Quantum Physics and its principles of Law of Attraction, and the inquiry into the status of ones Genetics as it applies to Epigenetics therapies and Methylation.

Viewpoint Wellness, reflects an important principle of emphasis, that ones inner Point of View, a product of the subconscious and deep seeded belief systems, will contribute to the process of ones health either favorably or unfavorably. Dr. McMillen is committed to helping his patients attain a point of inner perspective that empowers them to be very much in charge of their own health. When we reclaim the skill of being able let go of prospective that is Mal-adaptive and no longer serves us, we make available a revived inner disposition that not only naturally exudes optimal health, but also allows for the enlightened self to animate our very beingness.

Dr McMillen is pleased to be a part of the Dreams Life and Wellness Center and contribute to such a dynamic and integrative endeavor, committed to the the health and well being for all those that are drawn to participate.

Tricia Engelking 

Tricia enjoys helping people discover for themselves how to release muscle tension and pain.  She graduated from Integrative Yoga Therapy (200 hour) and taught yoga from 2001-2015.  She also practiced Thai Massage/passive yoga movement. Tricia felt like her body was increasingly adding tightness, and pain was limiting her sleep, comfort and being able to do the activities she loved.  After a long exploration of every stretch and movement she learned in her studies, she found relief from a Somatic Movement YouTube video.  4 years later, Tricia has completed the coaching program and Clinical Somatic Movement Educator program from Essential Somatics.  According to Tricia, “We are masters at contracting muscles.  We do it when we exercise, when we push, pull and stretch.  We do it when life challenges us, but learning how to soften and release muscles is foreign.  It is a skill that is resurfacing and becoming more important to people who want to live rich, full, active lives and I enjoy helping people rediscover the art of creating soft lengthening and mobility.”  Tricia also teaches yoga mudra & meditation classes.

Damaris Swenson Martinez

Damaris Swenson Martinez has come all the way from Nicaragua to share her gifts of Zumba at Dreams!

Damaris’ exposure to Zumba in the Latin culture of Nicaragua was extensive; when combined with her playful spirit, deep caring for all and genuine enthusiasm for life it has led to a passion from within her to share the joy, fun and fitness benefits of Zumba with others.

The Zumba Basic teaching certification Damaris has achieved perfectly meshes with her spiritedness and allows her to lead the full range of Zumba Basic style and movements that millions of people throughout the world participate in each week. The Zumba Gold certification Damaris has achieved allows her to modify the classes in a manner that provides highest quality fitness opportunities for beginners, those more mature, retirees or people experiencing a more limited range of movement than they desire; even people of very limited movement can benefit greatly from Zumba Gold experiences!.

One of the greatest gifts in life can be sharing experiences with others who love what they do and sharing with others; Damaris’ pours her heart into her Zumba experiences. while at the same time exercising limitless patience that together assist others in achieving the balance of fun, joy and fitness they desire.

Experiencing Zumba with Damaris is as joyful as it is beneficial to our bodies, minds and spirits!

Patricia Corrigan Culotti

Patricia Corrigan Culotti, BSA, CTI, MTF is co-founder of Enhancing Balance and consults with local hospitals and healthcare organizations to introduce ancient healing arts into mainstream medicine. Pat has been teaching and studying traditional Yang style Tai Chi and Qigong since 1977. She has taught tai chi to diverse special populations including Veteran’s, Parkinson’s patients, the frail elderly and more through UW Research project, VA Medical Center, Aurora Health Care Systems, ProHealth and others in the Milwaukee area. As a highly qualified instructor, Pat has received certifications to teach from Michael Milewski of the Tai Chi Center of Milwaukee, Masters Benjamin Lo and William C. C. Chen. Pat’s ability to train and certify health care professionals in Tai Chi Fundamentals® (TCF) comes from her Master Instructor Certification from author, Tricia Yu, in this discipline. She is also a certified Range of Motion (ROM) Dance instructor. Pat is a featured model of Tai Chi postures for “Tai Chi Mind and Body” by Yu (DK Publishing, London). She teaches Cheng Man-Ch’ing form internationally.
Culotti’s expertise is in teaching students, of all capabilities, how to joyfully integrate mind-body practices into everyday life. She teaches at a variety of locations around the Milwaukee area and enjoys enhancing balance in many people’s lives.
Noel Manikham, is an intuitive psychic medium and Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner. Noel’s warm and natural approach makes you feel like you’re sitting with a friend sharing a relaxed conversation. In her sessions, it feels as if your loved one is sitting in the room with you and are sharing in the experience.

Noel was personally certified as a Psychic Medium by Lisa Williams after attending the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. Noel is also certified in Reiki Energy Healing, Levels 1 and 2.  Utilizing all of her innate abilities and other tools and techniques to tune deeper into her clients needs, Noel offers readings and energy healing sessions.  

We are honored to have Noel share her gifts at Dreams!

Visiting Practitioners & Healers