Dreams Events

The core essence of all Dreams Events is to bring greater joy, happiness, balance and at times tools to attendees to assist them in ever more successfully navigating the waters of their life and creating the dreams they desire.

Need a boost, a nudge, a bit more clarity or some assistance in moving through something REALLY big in your life? From musical guests to interactive workshops to author, channeling, healing, speaking events and more each of these one-time opportunities contains gifts within them that are capable of uniquely supporting and influencing our respective journeys, often in amazing synchronicity with what’s going on in our respective individual lives.

Upcoming events and the individuals who will be leading them:

Nov 2019

The 360five Experience - Energy Circle and Sound Journey – 11/23/2019

::the 360five experience:: – Energy Circle and Sound Journey

Saturday, November 23
2pm – 6pm

location: Dreams Life & Wellness Center
732 Clinton St
Waukesha, WI 53186

Enjoy an interactive discussion and guided meditation as we open a pathway for our thoughts to align with our body’s natural vibrancy – allowing us to shift beyond limitation, constricted thought and traditional symptomatic relief.

The Sound Experience is an immersive sound journey utilizing solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, isochronic tones and other sound healing techniques guided through breathwork that anchors and amplifies the you know that you to be true.

What you will need: YOU!

Optional: yoga mat, a pillow for head and knees, a blanket, something to cover your eyes and any other items for your comfort in laying on the floor. We do have these on hand should you leave them at home.

Let it experience you. (( ♥ ))

$30 pre-sale/$35 at door



Dreams Ecstatic Dance – 11/23/2019

Phones, shoes and egos are checked at the door and our spirit is set free on the dance floor!

Many people don’t dance outside of a nightclub or without being under the influence – this is where Dreams Ecstatic Dance shakes things up a bit.

Dreams Ecstatic Dance Hosts hold a safe and sacred space to loosen, release control and let the music move you in a freeform expression of ecstatic bliss.

We open with an intentional meditation and go over a few housekeeping rules which serve more as guidelines:

No parking on the dance floor… ok, no talking on the dance floor.

This is a sacred and safe space. Please honor and respect others.

Move freely and continuously. This is a judgment-free space.

Then… the music begins! Evolving from ambient soundscapes into high energy dance rhythms – clapping, stomping, primal movements, flowing, whistling, smiling, energy rising – the music takes over and the endorphins rush, sweat beads and we disengage from our mind and move through our heart! Ahhh yes! After the peak, we begin to descend into a restorative meditation integrating the joy, celebration and ecstasy of the experience. Renewed and revitalized.

“It is an incredibly liberating and community-building experience where the focus is on the people, moving together and releasing to unite all dancers together in a tribe-like bond.”

We know it doesn’t take a doctor to prescribe it, though… Ecstatic Dance is not only an amazing workout – it is a transformative, holistic healing experience.

“Doctors are recognizing the enormous benefits of dance and free-form expression and its effects on raising serotonin levels which can increase self-esteem and body image and can build cardiovascular strength and endurance, whilst reducing depression and anxiety.”


$24 exchange


Vibe Provided by: John Stuart

John Stuart graces the crowd with a spirited devotion to his audience. John is an accomplished DJ, electronic sound alchemist, Nada Yoga teacher and specialist in the field of Vibrational Medicine.

For over 20 years, his dynamic style appeals to globally diverse audiences at a core level & beckons the masses to partake with him on an alchemical journey through sound. To be in John’s presence is to experience his very special brand of mind-expanding, body-grooving & soul-soothing soundscapes, which he uses as a medium to amplify the spirit of personal expression, oneness, freedom & love. Beautifully spontaneous, he connects with his audience’s energy to create a ritual of spiritual communion & ecstatic celebration tuned to the frequency of love. John’s DJ sets have been featured throughout the US and abroad. Whether it be a festival, club, intimate lounge or any other environment – experience the vibe of LoveAmplified!


Dec 2019

Sound Bath Meditation & Gentle Yoga for Relaxation – 12/06/2019

Here is your perfect night that will carry with you all throughout December and beyond. Take this time out for you during this Holiday season, to reconnect with the peace and tranquility within. ♥
We will have some very gentle Yoga and breath-work to nestle us into our most peaceful, feel good place for rest. Adding in a therapeutic sound or gong bath that uses vibrational energies and frequencies to help reduce stress, expand consciousness, and create a deep sense of peace and well-being. As the healing sounds wash over you, a sense of calm will arise. You don’t need to do much, just allow the sounds to carry you to wherever you need to be, and then relax.

No struggle. No ego, just peace. Simple. Beautiful.

A sound bath is an excellent way of calming our ever-chattering monkey minds. The minds that keep us so busy doing that we never find the time to simply be. If you’re having trouble sleeping, feeling calmness, are anxious or in pain, a sound bath might be just what the spirit ordered.

Join Linda and Lou and Team for this fantastic night of Yoga and Sound.

This is truly an event that anyone can do.

Please bring your mat, meditation cushion or neck pillow (if you have any of those) and comfortable blanket, or if you prefer we also have chairs.

Tickets can be purchased here on Eventbrite for $25, or cash at the door.


So bring one, two or three of your mates to receive over half off their tickets!!!! Just give us your name at the door and which friends or family are with you for the $15 tickets. Space is limited so sign up today.

8 Keys to Living, Healing and Dying in Joy, Peace, Love and Awareness – 12/14/2019

Life changing for those who seek healing, greater peace, joy, love or understanding in their life or are facing their or a loved one’s death Within each of us lies the ability to live our lives in joy, peace, love and awareness, to experience these same states when our life journeys become complete, and to heal from most any illness that comes.
We are so very much more than most people understand themselves to be, and as our awareness expands relative to the truths of who we are so also does our ability to live our lives as we desire.

This engaging, enlightening presentation will focus on 8 fundamental principles that bridge science and spirituality in a manner that will assist participants in experiencing expanded awareness relative to:

  • Who we really are, why we have come forth into our lives, of our relationship with one another, with all of life and the source of Divine consciousness within which all exist
  • The correlation between our earthly lives and that of the eternal existence that awaits us all when our earthly journeys become complete
  • Those transitioning, who seek healing from someone else’s transition and the ability to transcend all that has taken place in their life to find ever greater meaning in and/or understanding of their lives, how they work and of the ability to experience the greater peace, joy, love and awareness they desire in their lives Together these truths will empower participants to live their lives in the joy, peace, love and awareness they desire, to understand how the opportunity to heal exists within them and to dramatically shift their perspectives relative to approaching and moving through the occurrence of their transitioning, as well as the transitioning of those they love.

The presenter of this event is Erik Swenson, Founder and Co-Director of Dreams Life & Wellness Center.

Erik is a person of rich perspectives, purpose and insights. His life journey has included a blending of decades of a deeply connecting faith practice, a spiritual path that has led him to expansive world travels, studying and experiencing his life rooted in joy, peace, love and awareness, a great inner focus balanced with a corresponding awareness of the oneness in which all exist and assisting many in finding the joy, peace, love, happiness and healing they desire in their lives.

Erik is a gifted speaker whose unique presentation style represents a masterful weaving of thoughts, ideas and perspectives that embody the essence of life itself, connect with the deepest awareness that exists within us and empower each individual to achieve the changes they desire to experience within their life. It is in alignment with each of these perspectives that he will be sharing this inspiring, in-lightening, life affirming and awareness expanding presentation.

Dreams is grateful for the opportunity to offer this life changing presentation for only $34 per person

REGISTER HERE:  8 Keys to Living, Healing and Dying in Joy, Peace, Love and Awareness

Dreams are meant to be lived.