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Nicholas Frank 

Dreams Director, Event and Program Leader & Practitioner


Nicholas Frank is a Men’s Coach/Mentor.  He holds certifications as a Certified Clear Inner Focus life coach, a Certified New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation energy worker, and a Certified Astrologer.  His main focus is to help his clients to understand themselves and their loved ones more deeply, connect with their inner wisdom, find their life purpose and passion, and enhance their mind, body, and spirit.

Nicholas spent the earlier part of his life excelling at endurance sports where he was a collegiate runner and team captain at Marquette University, raced as a professional Ironman triathlete, and also coached the sports of running and triathlon.  He spent the past 20 years working in Corporate America where he has played the role of technology team leader.  His transition from the corporate world to the wellness and coaching arena is in alignment of his own life purpose and passion and his desire to have a more significant impact on the lives of others and humanity as a whole.

Clients of his life coaching practice, group classes, workshops, and seminars can expect to come away having a deeper understanding of themselves and have a better sense of purpose and passion within their lives.  They will be challenged to view their lives from a different perspective and take responsibility for their own life experience.

Nicholas currently resides in Waukesha, WI with his wife Linda, their four children, their dog and three cats.  When not spending time with his family, he can be found in nature, traveling, playing and writing music, practicing yoga and meditation, playing sports, and reading books on philosophy and spirituality.

Single Session: $140
6-Pack: $750 ($125 per session & $90 savings)
12-Pack: $1440 ($120 per session & $240 savings)

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