Dreams Team Members


Nick Frank 

Dreams Director, Event and Program Leader & Practitioner


Nick Frank provides Purpose & Relationship Coaching utilizing a blend of Astrology, Universal Laws and Science-Based Research to help others enhance their lives in the areas of life purpose, relationships, spirituality, self-transformation and healing.  Nick offers an element of humor and lightheartedness while challenging others to dive into uncomfortable areas and discuss challenging topics for self-discovery and growth.  His ideal client is open minded, willing to take responsibility for their own life experiences, hungry for change and transformation, has the courage to address their fears, and is dedicated to following through to create lasting habit changes and shifts in perspective and mindset.

Nick currently resides in Waukesha, WI with his wife Linda, their four children, their dog and three cats.  When not spending time with his family, he can be found in nature, traveling, playing guitar and writing music, practicing yoga and meditation, and reading books on philosophy and spirituality.

Single 60 Minute Session: $125
6-Pack: $690 ($115 per session & $60 savings)
12-Pack: $1200 ($100 per session & $300 savings)

To schedule:

Click here to send an inquiry to Nick or call 262.993.7056