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I am born and raised in Bosnia.  I have been working with herbs and essential oils for healing from an early age as it was part of my holistic focused family. I now work with Young Living products and I include them with your reflexology treatment.  As an empath, I also incorporate energy healing to address your whole being, as your needs are addressed in sacred space. 

When I was 20 years old I began my reflexology studies to assist in healing my two children. Later in my life, when we survived the war in BosniaI was able to help people with headaches, back and neck problems and sinus issues. From this time on, I have dedicated my life to helping others with true reflexology. Because this ancient technique reduces stress; a major contributor to disease, it eases the body’s ability to heal itself.  Reflexology balances both body and soul.

One single session can reduce anxiety because reflexology works with the central nervous system. It helps to diminish pain, improve blood circulation, eases congestion and inflammation. A huge benefit relief from pain, decreased blood pressure and boosting of  the immune system. 

$75.00 per one hour session and includes Young Living Essential Oils

Private Zumba

Damaris Swensen Martinez

Zumba has become the most popular and widely practiced form of exercise in the world and for good reason; the focus is fun and fitness and the benefits reach well beyond both of these.
While no one is truly watching, it can often be helpful to get some personal assistance to help us become comfortable with the movements and the music of Zumba and we’ve got a FANTASTIC opportunity to help you do so in your own private 1:1 or semi-private Zumba experience.
Dreams Zumba instructor Damaris Swenson Martinez began practicing Zumba in her native country of Nicaragua and has become a gifted Zumba instructor in the US. Her current certification levels include Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold, and her greatest focus is to ensure each person has the exact Zumba experience they desire.
Damaris is positive, enthusiastic, gentle, kind, as patient of a person as you will find and especially grateful to share 1:1 experiences with individuals or reduced rate semi-private sessions for families or small groups who seek some caring personal Zumba attention.
Rates for private and semi-private Zumba lessons with Damaris are as follows:
  • 1 person $35 per hour
  • 2 people $20 per hour (each)
  • 3 people $15 per hour (each)
  • 4 people $12 per hour (each)

To reach Damaris call Dreams at 262-349-9549 or use the link below to reach her.

1 on 1 Energy Healing Services

Our physical bodies are so very much more than we generally understand them to be and there can be times in which it benefits us to seek assistance in restoring the health or well-being we desire.

Erik became aware of energy healing approaching 30 years ago, he became a Reiki healing practitioner in 1990, he later studied and became a practitioner of Reconnective Healing®, an additional form of energy healing in 2010 and he has shared energy healing experiences with people throughout the world and assisted many people in achieving healing from whatever it is they desired.

The scope of the energy healings Erik has assisted people in experiencing have included aspects of body, mind and spirit ranging from relieving headaches to quieting their minds to eliminating convulsions to creating harmony with internal organs to healing cancer and more.

Erik’s energy healing services are non-touch (hands off), powerful ways to support the health and well-being of the people he shares them with and it is his experience and belief that people can heal from any physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance that comes to exist within them.

We are pleased to offer Erik’s 1 on 1 Energy Healing Services at the reduced rate of $125 per 1 hour session or $65 per 30 minute session (following the initial 1 hour session) as he begins to share these services at Dreams Life & Wellness Center.

Energy Healing is also offered by:

John Stuart

1 on 1 Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings acquire an in depth understanding of where you were, where you are and where you are going.  Connecting this way can offer what ‘tools and/or resources’ you may need to get there.

Readings will often free you from your past limitations preparing you for the future you desire to create and also can connect with other loving energies such as family, friends, and loved ones.

We invite you to check back from time to time as the Dreams Center expands the scope of 1 on 1 services we provide throughout 2018 and beyond.

The ability to live our Dreams exists within us all;

all that we offer is to assist YOU in living yours