Somatic Movement

Somatic Movement provides tools to release muscular stiffness, tension, weakness, and fatigue so you can gain mobility and agility and relearn function. It is a process that adds sensory information to the thinking, Cortical part of the brain to change how the brain perceives muscles and muscle function.  The result is a release of unconscious reflexive muscle tension because the motor system responds to sensory information and feedback that are key to Somatic Movement.

Somatic Movement

Tricia Engelking

Learn how to release your own muscle stiffness, tension, and pain.  Many feel like their lives, activities and experiences are limited by “normal” aging stiffness, tension, and pain, and they desire mobility.  Many want to increase activity as they get older, they want to live more.   Somatic Movements, attention, softening, and rest reset muscle length in your brain releasing muscles from unconscious and involuntary reflex contractions.  Create easier, freer movement as Tricia guides your exploration and experience.  You already know how to do this important work with your nervous system because it is how you created all of your motor patterns when you were young.

Clinical appointments are 90 minutes long.  Private educational lessons include guided collaborative pre- and post-session assessment to determine which reflexes hold muscles in constant, involuntary contraction.  Education and pandiculation help you learn how to release muscle tension in the reflex pattern selected and improve communication between your muscles and nervous system.  Please wear loose comfortable layers and socks.  Session includes walking, standing, sitting and laying on a table.

$115 ~ 1 private session
$310 ~ 3 pack
$395 ~ 4 pack
$475 ~ 5 pack

Create muscle release today by booking a private clinical appointment today.

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